I am honoured as Global Ambassador for India to represent the speciality of audiology for ENT & Audiology News. In India, the Rehabilitation Council of India is a statutory body which approves the training institutes and issues licenses for practice of audiology. There are about 50 approved graduate, nearly 20 post graduate, and 10 doctoral training institutes across India. What is unique about this programme is graduates are trained for both audiology and speech language pathology at their graduate programme and get rich clinical experience right from their second/third year of academic training. The clinical practice is focused in individual hearing aid dispensing setups to institutions, hospitals, schools and academic institutions. Considerable amount of independent and collaborative research is going on in the areas of speech perception, cortical potentials, evidence based practices, amplification devices, neonatal hearing, noise and its effects and hearing loss consequent to medical conditions across the institutions. Indian Speech and Hearing Association is the national association representing the academic, clinical and advocacy issues of the professionals.

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Global audiology during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected, and in some areas, put a complete hold on, audiology practice around the world. In April 2020, during the peak of the pandemic for many regions, our audiology Global Ambassadors provided their reports from their...