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Date: 19 November 2017 - 23 November 2017

Location name: Piacenza, Italy

Location address: Gruppo Otologico c/o Casa Di Cura Privata 'Piacenza', Via Emmanueli, 42 - 29121 Piacenza, Italy

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News update from Peter Monksfield, Consultant ENT Surgeon, University, Birmingham, UK

“Professor Sanna is a very inspiring person. In the short time I spent in his company I have learnt a number of helpful techniques and tips to improve my operative approach and hopefully improve the results for my patients. I would like to thank Professor Raine and Mr Yung for the opportunity and generous funding of this scholarship. It has been a very rewarding experience and it has already benefited my patients in Birmingham.”


"Following being awarded the Matthew Yung and Chris Raine travelling scholarship, I travelled to Piacenza on the 19 November 2017 to attend the 138th Gruppo Otologico Skull Base course as an observer. 

The course ran over five days from Monday to Friday with daily lectures, live surgery and cadaveric dissection. The dissection lab was particularly impressive with state of the art equipment, fresh frozen temporal bones and heads. The specimens had been injected with coloured silicon in both the carotid artery and venous sinuses to give a more realistic appearance of the major vessels. The course was a tour de force of the surgical management of lateral skull base tumours. Prof Sanna and his team were welcoming and had an impressive array of complex cases to demonstrate their abundant surgical skill.

Over the course of five days the cases operated on included:

  • 4 Translab approach for acoustic neuroma:
  • 1 Infratemporal fossa approach type A for jugulotympanic paraganglioma, Fisch class C2 Di2
  • 1 Blind sac closure for chronic infection in a mastoid cavity
  • 1 Subtotal petrousectomy for a tumour
  • 1 Trans otic approach for a petroclival meningioma with facial nerve rerouting
  • 2 by Jacques Magnan – Retrosigmoid vestibular neurectomy for menieres and a retrosigmoid facial nerve microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm.
  • 1 Labyrinthectomy with simultaneous cochlear implant for menieres.
  • 1 Trans otic approach for facial nerve tumour with resection and sural nerve graft.

The lectures were delivered by members of Gruppo Otologico on topics including: acoustic neuroma, temporal bone paraganglioma and facial nerve tumours. The surgical series from the group and their outcomes were impressive."

"Prof Sanna gave an open insight into the amount of hard work, sacrifice and dedication to his craft he has given over many years of training in visiting other surgeons as well as the years he spent in the temporal bone dissection lab improving anatomical knowledge of this complex area."



Matthew Yung and Chris Raine Otology Travelling Scholarship

The ‘MY and CR Otology Travelling Scholarship’ was established by Matthew Yung and Chris Raine in 2017. The aim of the scholarship is to enhance the otological skills of practising UK ENT Consultants. Two travelling scholarships are awarded each year to facilitate learning of advanced surgical skill from renowned international otology centres. The scholarship covers travelling cost, accommodation for a two week visit, and surgical course fees. The training opportunity of each scholarship is unique as the recipient centres are different every year. Applicants must be a full member of ENT UK and hold the position of ENT Consultant. Preference is given to applicants who can best utilize the newly learned skill in his/her practice. The applications will be judged by a panel of senior consultants.

For more information contact Prof Matthew Yung or Prof Chris Raine. Email matthew.yung@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk or chris.raine@bthft.nhs.uk

For more information about future courses from Gruppo Otologico visit www.gruppootologico.com