Report from Dayana Leitón R., Audiologist at Clínicas Audición, Costa Rica

On 4 and 5 of May, a selection of national and international speakers of great renown delivered talks at the Second Congress of Audiologists of Costa Rica. From Spain, Dr Sebastian Bernal - awarded as the Audiologist of 2017 - spoke about his methodology of acoustic compatibility of hearing aids and Audiologist, Maria Bernal, presented audiometric techniques in children. Both talks aroused great interest within the Costa Rican audiological community.

Professor of Audiology, Manuel Valverde, made an excellent presentation on marketing in audiology and Dr Juan Carlos Olmo of Clínicas Audición presented in a very pleasant way about generalities of occupational audiology.

The activity would not have been the same without the visit of the Bernal Doctors, who not only shared knowledge with the attendees of their presentations, but also enriching experiences.” – Juan Carlos Olm, Audiologist and president of Clínicas Audición

Dr Carlos Pereira from Clínicas Audición, presented the results of research on Costa Rican audiology and its history. This research was the first of its kind carried out in the country in relation to audiology. The data collection was done through interviews, literature reviews and the internet. This research took Pereira, Olmo and Valverde, about four months to prepare and the final data was presented at the congress.

Other topics discussed were the cochlear implant and its generalities, presentation of implant cases, and electrophysiology among others.