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Date: 10 February 2018

Location name: Doncaster, UK

Award: 8 CPD Points awarded by ENTUK and 7 CPD points awarded by BSHAA

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Natasha GrimmondReport by Natasha Amiraraghi MBChB, DOHNs, FRCSEd (ORL-HNS), AMTF in Cochlear Implant and Skull Base Surgery, Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock, UK
Course director Professor Shahed Quraishi, OBE and International Newsround Editor Emma Stapleton welcomed us to this fantastic 2nd Ear and Technology Masterclass, this year set in the education suite of Doncaster Royal Infirmary. This collaboration by ENT & Audiology News and ENT Masterclass® brought together an experienced faculty from otology and audiology, representatives of the industries in the field, and a budding delegation eager to learn and update their knowledge and skills.

As with all ENT Masterclass® events, there was a full attendance and a fantastic faculty who kindly relinquished their valuable free time to educate us. All would agree that with wide-ranging topics and presentations from experts in their field, this study day was a great success.

The morning sessions commenced with a keynote talk by Professor Gerard O’Donoghue on 'Global Hearing Health', where we learned the magnitude of worldwide hearing loss at approximately seven percent of the population, followed by 'The assessment and management of tinnitus in the ENT clinic' by Professor David Baguley. One million patients with tinnitus are seen in general practice on an annual basis, of whom 75% are referred into secondary care.

After a short pause for coffee, Mr Richard Irving demonstrated the spectrum of mechanical stimulators of the auditory pathways from bone conduction devices through Vibrant Soundbridge to Envoy Esteem and Carina systems. Thereafter, Professor Peter Rea gave a holistic approach to the balance patient, covering non-vestibular causes of vertigo, the importance of having a broad medical knowledge, and highlighting an otologist’s obligation to avoid ignorance of non-otologic causes, the most surprising of all being the AICA stroke presenting with symptoms we all commonly see!

That brought us to the hands-on workshops. Three practical sessions run by industry representatives covering bone anchored hearing solutions, video head impulse testing and clinical applications of otoacoustic emissions, allowing delegates to participate in group discussion and experience testing of the various technologies.

The post-lunch session commenced with Mr Philip Jones uncovering myths about noise induced hearing loss and acoustic shock. The next highly topical issue was ‘Hearing and the Mind’, brought to us by Dr Piers Dawes who discussed recent research on causality between hearing loss and cognitive decline, and how an opportunity exists to promote improved quality of life in older age.

Delegates were able to circulate around exhibitors during the final coffee break with the opportunity to win a prize. Several lucky prize winners were drawn after the final two presentations of the afternoon. Professor Simon Lloyd shared his top tips for improving outcomes in cartilage tympanoplasty, demonstrating a ‘Pacman’ type graft for a medialised malleus. And last but certainly not least – a truly universal approach to endoscopic ear surgery (EES) with Mr Arun Iyer discussing the history, indication, technique and learning curve of EES, complete with fantastic intraoperative video demonstration.

Overall, I am certain all the delegates will agree that their educational outcomes were fulfilled in this excellently organised and exceptionally educational masterclass, and we look forward to future courses!

Sue Falkingham"I’ve attended both ENT & Audiology News Study Days and I find the presentations interesting and often very different to other days aimed at audiologists. It’s great to hear different perspectives on our patients treatment options and this year I particularly enjoyed the section on non-vestibular causes of vertigo, something new for me and presented using case study videos to give you a real understanding of the differential diagnosis in practice. With a mixed audience the presentations are aimed differently and listening to our ENT colleagues give updates broadens my knowledge base. The days are well organised, all the speakers were excellent and I would urge audiologists to look out for this type of event to broaden their perspectives on our patients." 

                                                                                   – Sue Falkingham, BAA President


"An excellent day."

"A good day to get CPD. I’m glad the day had a defined theme i.e. Otology."

"Great course, thank you."

"Hats off!!!"

"Fantastic educational day. Well worth attending. Thanks to all who organised it and worked hard to make it a success."

"Good effort. Well organised. Please add 'ENT’s like surgery' in next Ear Tech day."

"Excellent videos & lecture by Prof Lloyd."

"Informative & well presented."

"It is an excellent course and I improved my concepts. It will keep me in future practice."

"Very well organised course. Excellent facility. Good catering."