Paula Coyle, ST6 Otolaryngology, Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, UK

 Since our launch meeting at BACO 2015, Women in ENT have hosted a number of meetings and established an active Facebook group. We have informal coffee meetings prior to meetings at the Royal Society of Medicine.

We had a successful Meet and Greet lunch meeting with Cate Scally, listened to her talk about her career. Her top tips for success were to keep flexible, work hard and network when possible.

Meet and Greet

We will be hosting two events at BACO 2018. On Wednesday 4 July we will be hosting a networking event at 7.30pm at The Manchester Refuge. Our speaker is Check Warner the co-founder of @diversityvc, who will discuss 'Achieving our potential: case studies from other industries'. We would like to thank DP Medical and WinS for their sponsorship.

At our Thursday 5 July breakfast meeting, our speakers will be talking about leadership, equality in surgery and work life balance. Helen Cocks will be talking on the emerging leaders programme at the RCS. Scarlett McNally is speaking on achieving equality in surgery.

Abi Walker will be talking about her less than full time (LTFT) experiences:

"I have had several periods of working LTFT, combining surgical training with my interests outside of medicine, first as an international hockey player and later as a parent. My motivation for LTFT working was initially a desire to give more time and energy to these alternative pursuits, but in reality I found that there was a synergistic benefit. Becoming the best version of you means working on each facet of your skills and capabilities, and I was enabled by less than full time training to bring that best version of me to the workplace."



We look forward to meeting you all at BACO 2018.

Paula Coyle, Els Warner, Natalie Watson and Claire Hopkins