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Coros: can a smart helmet make listening to audio content safer for cyclists?

The popularity of mobile phones has made listening to content while on the go – whether it be music, audiobooks, podcasts, or voice calls – a seemingly universal practice. Earbuds and other headphone styles adorn the ears of nearly every...

British Tinnitus Association: a site to add to your bookmarks

What is your reaction when a patient reports having tinnitus? With the exception of audiologists and otolaryngologists who have developed expertise in the area of tinnitus, many of us feel ill-equipped to provide our patients with appropriate guidance. Trying to...

EBM Stats Calc: there’s a stat for that

Quantifying the value of a specific test or intervention for a patient is no easy feat. Even when the value of a given test or intervention has been established, there may be additional case-specific factors to consider that are not...

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