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Communication in the age of universal masking: speech-to-text apps to the rescue

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has touched nearly every aspect of our lives, including how we interact with patients. At this point, it is almost hard to remember a time when we didn’t have to wear masks during clinical encounters. Though...

SoundPrint: an app for finding quieter restaurants

"Is there any chance the music could be turned down a bit”, I asked our server politely on a rare evening out with my husband. We had spent the previous half-hour shouting at each other, only to have the other...

Coros: can a smart helmet make listening to audio content safer for cyclists?

The popularity of mobile phones has made listening to content while on the go – whether it be music, audiobooks, podcasts, or voice calls – a seemingly universal practice. Earbuds and other headphone styles adorn the ears of nearly every...

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