ESPCI 2021 - The 15th European Symposium of Paediatric Cochlear Implantation

"Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the Organizing and Scientific Committee, it is our privilege and honour to invite you to the 15th European Symposium on Pediatric Cochlear Implantation (ESPCI 2021), to be held online, 27–30 October 2021. Our exciting online...

57th South African ENT Congress

The annual scientific meeting or medical congress is often the highlight of the year for many medical professional societies. It is a platform through which colleagues can network, collaborate, share knowledge and experiences. There is also a significant representation from...

Adult Palliative Care Update 2021


ESPO (European Society of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology) Congress 2021

"In a month's time, our ESPO Congress will take place. Since Stockholm in 2018, wonderfully organised by our President, Ann Hermansson, our daily professional and family lives have been impacted and modified by a health crisis which now seems to...