Anaesthesia under fire

Kate Prior is an anaesthetist who has, quite literally, been there, done that. In this article she manages to use words on a page to bring to life some of the conditions and challenges she faced as a member of...

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New hearing healthcare service-delivery models with connected technologies

Connected hearing healthcare can improve access to affordable hearing healthcare. DeWet Swanepoel discuss how innovative trends in connectivity and technology offer opportunities for novel and decentralised models of delivering high-quality hearing healthcare. Megatrends in connectivity and technology have ushered in...

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Freud’s Friend, Fliess

Wilhelm Fliess, a Berlin rhinologist, was for many years Sigmund Freud’s closest friend and confidant. He was born in Poland in 1858. In 1887, he visited Vienna for postgraduate studies, and met the famous psychoanalyst, Freud [1]. They were immediate...

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