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History of ESPO

Martin Bailey, Secretary-General of ESPO, narrates the story of a society which has promoted and supported the development of paediatric otolaryngology in Europe. In the early 1950s, pioneers in paediatric otorhinolaryngology became active in European countries such as Poland, Hungary,...

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Family-centred early intervention: supporting a call to action

Family-centred care for young children is a commonly used but frequently under-appreciated approach in audiology. Prof Moodie discusses how we can take positive action to improve our approach to families in ways that make a meaningful difference in their lives....

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Looking back with ENT & Audiology News roving reporter!: In conversation with Professor Hesham Negm

ENT & Audiology News caught up with our long-time friend and favourite paparazzo, Professor Hesham Negm, to discuss his career and involvement with the magazine, and to view some of the fantastic photos he has taken along the way. Professor...

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  • Welcome to the November 2018 edition of International Newsround
  • But for the clumsiness of increasing the number of letters in the acronym, ‘ENT’ would have grown to include recognition of the subspecialties of skull base surgery, facial plastic surgery and paediatric ENT surgery, of which management of ENT problems in children has seen perhaps the greatest development.
  • Fifty years ago, the National Conference on Education of the Deaf followed up on the Babbidge Report of 1965, recognising the failure of oralism in deaf education. Because young, deaf children at that time did not have access to sound, they could not develop speech and language. Further, because children were identified at two years or later, early intervention was only a dream.