European power women in otolaryngology: a focus on Laura Viani, Ireland’s first female otolaryngologist

Professor Laura Viani is a Consultant Otolaryngologist at Beaumont Hospital and Temple Street University Children’s Hospital and has been a member of Council of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland for the last 17 years. As the first female...

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To make a difference

Education and training have a key part to play in the development of leaders of the future; Dorte Hammershøi discusses the educational approaches taken in Denmark and the pros and cons of the methods used. Dorte also explains the BEAR...

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Leadership: in conversation with Dr Joyce Aswani

In certain cultures, it is even more difficult for women to establish roles in leadership due to the pressures put upon them by society to take care of the home and family, often in lieu of furthering their education and...

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Bipolar microdebrider turbinoplasty

There are a variety of ways to reduce the bulk of hypertrophied turbinates. Kimberley Lau and Showkat Mirza describe their technique which can be used in difficult cases and with minimal morbidity. As ever, one aim should be to avoid...

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