Rapid genetic testing to avoid hearing loss in neonates

Thousands of newborn babies could avoid a lifetime of hearing loss thanks to a new rapid genetic test. In this article, we learn how. We have demonstrated for the first time that a rapid genetic test from a cheek swab...

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Random-pattern skin flaps: part 4 - transposition flaps

In the final part of our series on local skin flaps (see Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) in ENT, the authors describe the usefulness of the transposition-type flap and highlight some examples. Rotational advancement flap Useful for defects...

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OBITUARY: Nobuhiko Isshiki (1930–2022)

Ushering in a new era, the pioneer of laryngeal framework surgery remains an inspiration to this day. Prof Nobuhiko Isshiki in 2016 (courtesy: Mr Yakubu Karagama). The laryngological world has lost a great man. Professor Nobuhiko Isshiki passed away in...

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In conversation with Chrysa Spyridakou, Robert Nash, Emma Clement, Nish Mehta and Anne GM Schilder

Jaclyn Tan interviews members of the London-based multidisciplinary hearing team, about their insights to auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, and their vision for the future management of this challenging range of conditions. Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) describes a wide range...

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Genomic testing for deafness and its implications

Gene therapies for hearing loss are rapidly advancing and will be transitioning to clinical practice. Here, the authors explain why clinicians involved in managing these disorders need to be aware of these advances. Genomic testing in England was significantly reconfigured...

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Could OtoRecall transform ENT learning?

Training continues to change and evolve in the face of changing working practices and, of course, the impact of unprecedented events like the pandemic. The basics remain important for safe practice as training and work continue to evolve; innovative tools...

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