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Education and training have a key part to play in the development of leaders of the future; Dorte Hammershøi discusses the educational approaches taken in Denmark and the pros and cons of the methods used. Dorte also explains the BEAR...

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The otolaryngologist as hospital director: a view from Thailand

Nadtaya Mills is a female otolaryngologist and director of an entire hospital in Thailand. In this article, she offers a fascinating insight to the work she’s done so far to improve resources and services in a challenging environment. The main...

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In Conversation with Shelly Chadha 2019

Shelly Chadha works at the World Health Organisation as the Medical Officer for ear and hearing care. Here, Alex Griffiths-Brown interviews her to find out more about her career, challenges she’s faced and her ambitions for the future. Shelly Chadha...

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Multidisciplinary airway simulation workshops: ‘preparing your team for the difficult airway’

Can human factor issues be better addressed within a multidisciplinary learning environment? Would this improve team working and patient outcomes? Are these important training considerations? Mona Thornton discusses the experience of a multidisciplinary simulation airway workshop in the unit she...

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Bipolar microdebrider turbinoplasty

There are a variety of ways to reduce the bulk of hypertrophied turbinates. Kimberley Lau and Showkat Mirza describe their technique which can be used in difficult cases and with minimal morbidity. As ever, one aim should be to avoid...

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