Hearing care systems in Europe – can we do more?

52 million Europeans experience hearing loss but many don’t find their way to professional hearing care. Lidia Best looks at strategies to improve the uptake of amplification at a national level [1]. With rising numbers of people experiencing hearing loss,...

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Livio™ AI: In Conversation with Achin Bhowmik

A hearing aid? A Fitbit? A falls alert device? A ‘Healthable’? Achin Bhowmik discusses how Starkey’s Livio AI came to market and what it means for the future of amplification devices. Achin Bhowmik. Achin, you have an interesting background in...

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Rhinoplasty for cleft nose deformity

Modern cleft lip and palate repairs produce excellent functional and aesthetic results at an early age. Tony Holmes, a craniofacial surgeon with over 40 years’ experience, shares his wisdom on the best timing and techniques for addressing the associated complex...

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Targeted focal parathyroidectomy

Leanne Hamilton and Louise Clark describe their technique for helping to localise parathyoid adenomas. Surgically this can be difficult, so careful preoperative evaluation using imaging as described can help minimise difficulties intraoperatively when identifying the parathyroid adenoma. Preoperative imaging has...

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