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Person-centred care, enhancing audiology student understanding across the globe

Over 200 students registered for a multinational virtual event facilitated by the Ida Institute. The aim was to determine levels of student understanding and approaches to person-centred care (PCC), alongside the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of this approach to...

Inequitable access to cochlear implantation across the UK

Referral rates and uptake of cochlear implantation in the global adult population are low. Five audiology centres across England and Wales retrospectively explored data over a six-month period in late 2019, post implementation of new National Institute for Health and...

Audiologists’ perspectives on their ability to address hearing, social and emotional adult patient needs

Authors suggest there is little evidence that hearing technology addresses patients’ emotional concerns related to their lived experience of hearing and communication difficulty. The study explores the notion of audiologic counselling and discusses the role of audiologists in supporting the...

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