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At-home earplug testing – a first of its kind

As an audiologist, it can be difficult to confirm the proper fit of earplugs. Although we can use sound field testing to assess the attenuation of the earplugs, this is not equipment that every audiology clinic has. Unfortunately, without proper...

Hearing test apps: how reliable are they?

There are seemingly hundreds of hearing test apps available, designed to be a screening tool for those interested in learning more about their hearing while doing so in the comfort of their home and without needing to wait for an...

Video-relay services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities

Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities experience many barriers when trying to communicate online or on the phone. Individuals encounter limitations communicating virtually with family members, booking crucial appointments and speaking to friends, to name a few. However, video relay service (VRS)...

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