I always thought and worked for the Pan American Union and the continuing education of the specialty. Attending the AAOHNS for more than 31 congresses, in 2008 I founded S.P.A.G., which later became the International Pan American Committee and of which I was the first President. The translation of the AAOHNS texts was another way to bring the specialty closer to Latin Americans. This was the active entrance to the Latin American group's Academy. In addition, the creation of the Bulletin of the Pan American Association over 14 years, helped in achieving the integration of Latin American specialists, and disseminating information throughout the world. I have been in the Pan-American Association for more than 20 years and I am currently the President. After eight years of being part of the Executive Board for IFOS, I was appointed in Paris as Regional Secretary for Central and South America. In the Federation from Argentina I am the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. These are all important places to integrate, unite and inform all of America what happens in otolaryngology in the US and the rest of the world.

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Meeting myself coming back

Sometimes, it can seem like trainers and trainees are separate entities, inhabiting separate worlds, in two separate spheres of experience. However, trainees become trainers, and there is always a period where the trainer has only just stopped being the trainee....