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MedShr-ing is caring

MedShr is an international, award-winning medical education platform that has been created for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to discuss, learn, teach, and (to a lesser degree) network with one another. MedShr was founded in 2014 by Cardiologist Dr Asif Qasim and,...

ICG in ENT surgery

The use of fluorescence imaging is well established in the medical sphere, forming an essential arm of medical diagnostics with liver function, ophthalmic angiography, and assessment in cell biology with fluorescence microscopy. Fluorescence imaging in surgery, however, is an evolving...

On-call ENT apps

ENT apps for trainees are few and far between. Here are a couple of them which could be useful for the on-call. Born out of the website with the same name, this app is a must-have if you work...

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