Ireland occupies a rather unique global position - we are linked in so many ways, for example, to the United Kingdom. We have shared pathways for assessing and examining our trainees. Our speciality society ( includes members from all over the island; and our founding fathers, in their wisdom, created a council that fosters and encourages collegiality between its two parts. So also, we sit at the western edge of Europe, and play an ever-increasing role in its institutions. I genuinely believe that Ireland has much to offer in terms of being an international hub for ORL-HNS training. We have a very dynamic college, and an enthusiastic cohort of consultants. I look forward to taking my place amongst the other esteemed Global Ambassadors, and to making a strong contribution to the magazine.

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Reflections on educational gatherings in the COVID era

The COVID pandemic has brought disruption and uncertainty for the organisers of medical conferences. ENT and audiology have always thrived on a healthy exchange of views and the sharing of knowledge across subspecialties and across national boundaries. Ray Clarke asked...