In India, according to ISHA (India Speech and Hearing Association), there are 2500 registered audiologists and speech therapists. There are more than 65 colleges teaching speech language pathology and audiology courses.

The field of audiology in India has expanded exponentially in recent years. Audiologists practise in a variety of workplaces. However, little is known about the practice trends across these workplaces. An internet-based survey probing into audiology practice was conducted between June and September 2012. The survey focused on four domains; namely, demography, assessment, hearing aid (HA) fitting and protocol usage. A total of 199 audiologists completed the survey, a large proportion of which were from Southern India. The majority provide hearing assessment and HA services for children and adults. Results indicate diverse practice among respondents, even in essential procedures such as otoscopy. Although a large proportion of audiologists reported performing HA fitting in children as well as adults, less than 12 % of them performed real ear or simulated real ear verification during any HA fitting. Implications for the development of preferred practice guidelines in India have been discussed. There are differences and similarities in audiologists’ preferences for patient-centredness among countries. These findings may have implications for the training of professionals and also for clinical practice in terms of optimising hearing healthcare across countries. Audiology India is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation aimed to foster ear and hearing healthcare in India. I have the role of Director for Community Services.