Event Details
Date: 25 May 2024

Location name: Zagreb, Croatia

Location address: Hotel Dubrovnik, Gajeva, ul., 1 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


After the success of last year’s inaugural joint meeting in London between the British Laryngological Association (BLA) and the Union of the European Phoniatricians (UEP), the two bodies are coming together again in the charming city of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and its largest city, which sits below Sljeme Hill, with the Sava River running through it. 

Taking place on 25 May, the meeting will bring together professionals from all over Europe to discuss topics including vocal fold edema in vocal professionals, inducible laryngeal obstruction (ILO), laryngeal pacemakers and retrograde cricopharyngeal muscle dysfunction (R-CPD). 

There will be two keynote lectures, one by Mahmood Bhutta on Sustainability in ENT and the other by James O’Hara on Laryngopharyngeal reflux: myth or reality. The day will end with a cocktail reception where you can mingle with your colleagues. 

Prior to that will be the two-day European Academy of Phoniatrics (EAP) course: ‘Voice and swallowing in preparation for European Board Examination’. Topics to be covered on 23 May include the history, anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of voice diseases. Among the speakers is BLA President Declan Costello (left), editor of ENT and Audiology News, who will talk on the ‘Basics of music and singing’.  

There will also be a discussion of diagnostics, phonosurgery and voice-related biomarkers and laryngeal electromyography (LEMG). A hands-on course will cover laryngeal videoendoscopic, fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and acoustic voice analysis. A get-together dinner will follow to socialise and network with your colleagues. 

After a long day of learning, you can unwind with a stroll on the Lenuci's Green Horseshoe. Alternatively, you can choose to relax on the terrace of Hotel Dubrovnik, sipping some good wine while enjoying the panoramic view of the city centre: the Ban Jelačić Square, the cathedral and the Dolac Market. 

On 24 May, the focus will be on dysphagia cases including paediatric, tumour, neurogenic, critically ill and elderly patients. The course will cover the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of these problems. 

In addition, there will be discussions on surgical tracheostomy and care for tracheostoma, partial and total laryngectomy, breathing, swallowing and phonation problems, as well as rehabilitation techniques. The day's highlight will be a hands-on course on laryngeal surgery, including framework laryngeal surgery, blue laser surgery, tracheostomy and replacement of voice prothesis. A get-together dinner will follow to socialise and network with your colleagues. 

The organisers cannot wait to see you in Zagreb for three fantastic days filled with learning, networking and fun.