Event Details
Date: 20 August 2024 - 22 August 2024

Location name: Boston, MA, USA



2024 has been an important year with recent back-to-back positive results for gene therapy for rare genetic hearing disorders and major headways in otoprotective, restorative and regenerative small molecules and cell therapies for acquired hearing loss.

The Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit will offer an unparalleled opportunity to unite with the community and discuss the next generation of inner ear R&D with novel drug modalities.

Designed alongside experts from Cochlear,  MED-EL,  Rapport Therapeutics,  Gateway Biotechnology and Ting Therapeutics, the agenda tackles the key preclinical challenges when identifying and validating new drug targets, preclinical models and toxicology profiles and precise, non-invasive delivery into the inner ear. The event guide offers more detail on subjects such as: novel in vitro and in vivo  preclinical models replicating the cochlear hair cells, auditory neurons and stereocilia in the inner ear, acquired and genetic hearing disorders for accelerated translation into the clinic and better drugs for paediatric and adult patient populations.

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