Event Details
Date: 8 June 2023 - 10 June 2023

Location name: Vilnius, Lithuania

Location address: Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania
Katedros a 4
01143 Vilnius

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Austėja Kučinskienė, senior resident.

Attending the Baltic Otorhinolaryngology Congress held great personal significance for me. Organised by the Lithuanian Society of Otorhinolaryngology every three years under the esteemed leadership of President Professor Eugenijus Lesinskas, it took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, as the city celebrated its momentous 700th birthday. 

The historic Palace of the Grand Dukes served as the enchanting venue for the congress, immersing us in the captivating charm of Vilnius's old town. The choice of location not only allowed us to appreciate the city's rich heritage but also facilitated communication and exploration, creating an enriching atmosphere. Approximately 300 participants, primarily professionals from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia but also from around the world, gathered over two unforgettable days. 

The congress provided abundant educational opportunities through its three halls dedicated to seminars and presentations. Topics included chronic sinusitis, minimally invasive endoscopic skull base surgery, modern ear disease treatment and laser laryngeal surgery. The event was elevated by three distinguished keynote speakers. Professor Eugene Myers from the USA shed light on the evolving multidisciplinary management of head and neck cancer, while Roberto Puxeddu from Italy offered valuable insights into the application of CO2 laser in treating laryngeal lesions. Metin Onerci from Turkey kept us up to date with the latest approaches to snoring and apnea surgery. 

Among the congress highlights was an instructional course led by Prahlada Nayaka Basavanthappa from India, who skilfully delved into the intricacies of temporal bone radiology. His use of animal examples made complex concepts accessible and memorable for all attendees, leaving a lasting impression. 

My experience fills me with excitement for the future. The event has reignited my passion for otorhinolaryngology, and I eagerly anticipate the next congress, where I can once again learn from professionals from around the world. The Baltic Otorhinolaryngology Congress serves as a powerful platform for collaboration and the advancement of our field, and I am grateful to have been part of this transformative experience.