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Date: 15 March 2024 - 16 March 2024

Location name: Alba, Italy

Location address: Fondazione Ferrero, Strada di Mezzo, 44 12051 Alba, Italy

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This two-day workshop focuses on the state of the art in head and neck robotic surgery and related technologies, providing a broad overview of current applications, cutting-edge tools and innovations. Led by a panel of leading surgeons and oncologists, it will take place in a climate of fruitful and practical collaboration.

In 2022, the board of the European Head and Neck Surgery (EHNS) established a European robotic surgery network, calling it the EU-Robot Network. The worldwide increase of robotic procedures, the introduction of interesting related technologies and the advantages offered by trans-oral robotic surgery have determined the need for a professionally led, networked and coordinated approach. It is important to exercise leadership in this increasingly developed technology. 

The aim of EU-Robot is to establish a European network for the effective implementation and advancement of head and neck robotic surgery and related technologies in Europe, through simple and effective actions: creating a register of procedures, disseminating knowledge, creating certification, activating a group of advocates, promoting and facilitating international scientific collaborations.   

As a part of the EHNS initiative, EU-Robot organises this biennial international workshop as a forum to discuss existing activity and chart the future direction of the EU-Robot project, as well as bringing together an assembly of national delegates. This is also why the fifth meeting has been organised by a steering committee, chosen by EHNS board, rather than the work of a single person. 

Full programme, information and registration are available here.