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UCT-Africa Virtual ENT 



She's on Call Episode #1, new weekly medical & health show with Dr Sujana and Dr Marina.
She's on Call Episode #2



National Acoustic Laboratories Soundbites Webinar Series.



ENTUK. Loss of smell and taste  - click on the picture below to see Prof Claire Hopkins appearance on BBC Breakfast.

(Photo courtesy of BBC)


Covid-19 otology and audiology guidance - UK professional body webinar
COVID-19 Donning, Doffing, and Swabbing Tutorial - Alkis Psaltis
Swab technique for collection of Nasopharyngeal specimen for COVID-19 - David Whitehead
Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic - Dr Glenis Scadding
What you need to know about smell perception and Coronavirus
Lessons from the Italian Trenches - Daniele Marchioni
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