The 2024 World Hearing Day on 3 March provided 39 grants to support activities in 22 countries as part of its small grants programme. Beneficiaries included organisations everywhere from Ghana to Egypt and Malawi to Lebanon. In Nigeria there was a d/Deaf talent showcase, in Nepal there was a celebration of success stories of children who underwent hearing screenings during immunisations and in India there was an awareness-raising cyclothon and walkathon. 

The focus of World Hearing Day 2024 was on overcoming the challenges posed by societal misperceptions and stigmatising mindsets through awareness-raising and information-sharing, targeted at the public and healthcare providers. 

To celebrate the occasion, the Coalition for Global Hearing Health (CGHH), which administered and co-funded the small grants programme, once again gave members in low-resource areas the chance to receive equipment to support ear and hearing care. The organisation has been able to offer nearly new desktop Grason-Stadler GSI Audiometers/Tympanometers and wall outlet rechargeable Welch Allyn Otoscopes for approved CGHH members and programmes.  

You can apply for this donated equipment hereCGHH can provide shipping only to locations within the US.  

The 14th Meeting of the CGHH will take place in October 2024 in Wellington, New Zealand and the next World Hearing Day will take place on 3 March 2025.