The new global network, CI International Community of Action (CIICA) has produced four summaries from the exciting and comprehensive World Report on Hearing 2021.

These summarise the information and evidence about cochlear implants (CIs) included in the report which are helpful for global CI advocacy activities. These are:

  • CI Advocacy Briefing
  • CI Synopsis
  • Child CI Advocacy Briefing
  • Adult CI Advocacy Briefing

The World Report on Hearing concludes that “cochlear implant is one of the most successful of all neural prostheses developed to date” (p100) and that “hearing technology, such as hearing aids and cochlear implants are effective and cost-effective and can benefit children and adults alike.” (Executive Summary, p6).

The report highlights the global and personal impact of hearing loss and deafness, including the financial impact. Its focus on a people-centred approach to ear and hearing care emphasises the involvement of users in the design and delivery of technologies, so that diverse needs are reflected in both technologies and services. It provides evidence for screening programmes for children and adults, to support early intervention, and the importance of rehabilitation for those with hearing aids and implants. Cochlear implantation should only take place “where the supportive infrastructure for rehabilitation therapy exists.” (p100).

CIICA is led by user and family groups, working closely with professional organisations, experts in the field of CI and other stakeholders to increase access to cochlear implantation and lifelong support for those who could benefit from it. Since the launch on 28 February 2021, they have 300 individual members and 62 organisations globally: see the website, where you too can join.

CIICA LIVE event July 2021.

These resources, including a growing number of translations of their reports, are available from The CIICA LIVE event presentations on the CI evidence from the World Report and its implications for CI advocacy are available at

The next CIICA LIVE event is on 29 September, 20.00 CET, and its focus is ‘CI Funding: challenges and priorities’.