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Below is a list of useful resources connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This list will be updated as and when more become available.

7 July - John Beharrell. The Right Way to Start Your Audiology Clinic in the UK. - CLICK HERE

1 June – BAA. Audiology & otology joint guidance updated. - CLICK HERE

15 May - BSHAA statement on remote hearing care. - CLICK HERE

6 May - BAA Covid-19 Resources. - CLICK HERE

6 May - BAA. A guide to remote working in Audiology. - CLICK HERE

1 May - Audiology and otology services during Covid-19. New joint guidance from the UK's audiology professional bodies. - CLICK HERE

30 April - COVID-19 Information for Audiology Australia Members. - CLICK HERE

29 April - Royal College of Surgeons of England. Recovery of surgical services during and after COVID-19. - CLICK HERE

27 April – BAA. Newborn Hearing Screening Programmes technical guidance during Covid-19. - CLICK HERE

20 April - America Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updates. - CLICK HERE

9 April - COVID-19 Audiology services during the pandemic. Joint guidance from the UK’s professional bodies. - CLICK HERE

6 April - Coronavirus-pandemic: Message by the EHIMA President to professionals and users of hearing instruments - CLICK HERE

1 April - Coronavirus: The Impact on Hearing Healthcare in the US. Interview with Clear Living Resident Audiologist, Dr Lindsey Banks. - CLICK HERE

31 March - Jillian Kornak. ASHA Leader. COVID-19 and Audiology: Closed Practices, Empty Campuses, Halted Research. - CLICK HERE 

25 March - BSHAA Coronavirus advice - CLICK HERE

24 March - EHIMA Impact of the corona-pandemic: Message by EHIMA President Søren Nielsen to users of hearing instruments and hearing care professionals - CLICK HERE

22 March - American Academy of Audiology - Message from the Academy Executive Committee - CLICK HERE

20 March - British Academy of Audiology Response to Covid-19: NHS England Essential Activity for Audiology - CLICK HERE

16 March - American Academy of Audiology COVID-19 and Clinical Recommendations - CLICK HERE

American Academy of Audiology COVID-19 Resources - CLICK HERE


This page is constantly updated with new information - please keep checking back for the latest
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