Do you treat RRP? Please join the national Airway Intervention Registry: Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (AIR: RRP) online database.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to a collaborative, UK-wide study collecting real world data on treatments for this rare but burdensome condition to understand which work best and improve care for all RRP patients. The study is funded by the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit programme, CRN portfolio adopted and supported by ENT UK, BAPO and BLA. There are 45 Centres already contributing data, but to ensure generalisability of results we need to improve coverage across the UK. The registry has been developed with input from clinicians, professional societies and patient groups. Consultants, registrars, research nurses, and SLTs can all contribute data. Patients can even submit voice quality questionnaires securely, and track study progress via the study website: Interested? Please contact the team ( who will be happy to answer any queries, and help get you set up.

Adam Donne & Kim Keltie