Puntolab Audición has a sound room where the sound environments of patients’ daily lives are simulated, and where hearing aids can be fitted more accurately, anticipating any issues that may arise. It could be called a ‘wind tunnel’ for hearing aids as, in it, real-life testing on the user’s environments is carried out according to each user’s lifestyle, to ensure their hearing aids provide them with the most benefits possible. 360° microphones are used to record the sound environment of the area where the patient wants to improve their hearing, which is then recreated in the sound room to make the most precise fittings.

Puntolab Audición knows that if it wants to offer the best quality of life to hearing aid users, its relationship with ENT professionals is essential and, as part of that synergy, they distribute our magazine throughout Spain.

If you are interested in receiving the print magazine, please contact Puntolab at: hello@puntolabaudicion.com.
For more information about Puntolab Audición, visit their website: www.puntolabaudicion.com