ENT Masterclass® announces the launch of the Fifth Edition of the popular Cyber Textbook of Operative Surgery by Mr Richard Parker OBE, Chief Executive Officer, Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. This is the world’s largest ‘virtual library’ of ENT surgical videos with over 540 videos from International Centres of Excellence (House Institute, Mayo Clinic, Clevelend Clinic, Univ of Texas, Causse Clinic, LION Global, UK, Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, India etc)



The upgraded 5th Edition has extensive sections on Facial Plastics, Rhinology, Head & Neck, Otology and a special section on Basic ENT Surgical Skills for trainees & medical students. With the current COVID-19 restrictions on face-to-face surgical courses and conferences this virtual library is a welcome resource for trainees and surgeons all over the world.


Some of us would remember Rob & Smith's Operative Surgery, which was a very popular textbook in the 1980s. Keeping up with times, here is an attempt to get together the immense resources available in the public domain on the internet, YouTube, Google and various academic websites and shortlisting the best. The videos are mostly under 30 minutes each and demonstrate techniques which may vary according to local preferences. This unique resource is completely free to access from any part of the world without any passwords, on computers, tablets or even smartphones if you are on the go.

The Co-Editors for this edition are Dr H Pasha, Mr R Dhanani and Dr ZA Shah. ENT Masterclass® continues in its philosophy to provide educational resources nationally and internationally, free at the point of delivery.

(Pictured Shahed Quraishi and Richard Parker.)