ENT UK is delighted to invite applications for the ENT UK Foundation Research Grants and ENT UK Foundation Educational Fellowships for 2022. As ENT UK’s philanthropic and fundraising arm, the Foundation seeks to invest in the specialty through research grants and international fellowships, facilitating innovation in ENT, nationally and internationally.

ENT UK Foundation Research Grants Programme

This programme seeks to facilitate research improving outcomes through better education, diagnostics, or the evaluation or development of treatments. Proposals must meet specific ENT UK and NIHR portfolio criteria (www.nihr.ac.uk) and align with the Foundation’s mission to benefit patients in the UK and internationally. We look forward to receiving your ambitious ideas and innovative, transformative projects.

ENT UK Foundation Education Fellowships

Education Fellowships support the development of educational resources or research projects reflecting our mission to benefit patients, students, or clinicians in the UK and internationally. We invite applications from ENT UK members in the SAS and AOT groups for two Frances Shah fellowships of £1500 each, and the SFO and YCOHNS groups for two Narula fellowships of £1500 each.

You can find further details about the research grants and education fellowships in the guidance documents at www.entuk.org/professionals/grants_fellowships/. The deadline for all applications is 25 July 2022, and only ENT UK members can apply. To become a member, visit www.entuk.org