SoundPrint is a crowdsourcing app that does two things. First, it enables users to measure noise levels in public places to check the venue is safe and comfortable for hearing. Second, it provides a database of over 130,000 venues to tell users if they are quiet or noisy. Think of it as Yelp for noise.

In October 2022, a group of organisations will join SoundPrint in a fun, mission-driven competition. Participants will use the app to measure sound levels at venues such as restaurants, shops and cafes and submit the decibel averages to the app's publicly accessible database.

Based on the collectively gathered data, SoundPrint will measure progress of noise pollution. It will share the data with the WHO’s World Hearing Forum and other hearing health organisations to advocate for safe noise levels. Prizes will be awarded to the most dedicated participants.

Taking part are the World Hearing Forum, American Tinnitus Association, Hearing Health Foundation, audiologists, speech pathologists, hearing aid companies, noise pollution activists, and acoustic experts.

Download the SoundPrint app and find out more.