The Ida Institute has been unable to secure future funding and is significantly scaling back its activities. The Denmark-based non-profit, dedicated to helping people manage hearing loss, was fully funded by the William Demant Foundation from its foundation in 2007 until the end of 2022. Sadly, it has not found alternative support. 

The institute’s bank of tools, videos, resources and online courses are still available. The small remaining staff are working to keep them accessible. 

While we are all extremely sad that the Ida Institute will not continue in its current form, we are also immensely proud of what we have achieved over the last 15 years,” said Associate Director Ena Nielsen. Our learning resources have given thousands of current and future hearing care professionals a unique grounding in the principles and practice of person-centred care, while our global collaborations with professional and consumer partners, universities and industry, and the practical tools we’ve created together have helped fuel an astonishing growth in the implementation of this approach. 

She continued: “The landscape is unrecognisable from when we set out in 2007 and we are confident that the future of hearing care is indeed person-centred. Thank you to everyone who has been on the journey with us, not least William Demant Foundation.” 

Lars Nørby Johansen, Chair of William Demant Foundation, said: “It’s been an honour to fund the work of the Ida Institute since its inception. We hope the Ida Institute’s values of innovation and knowledge-sharing, and its drive to break down barriers between stakeholder groups will live on and continue to influence the world of hearing care.”