Declan Costello, Editor of ENT & Audiology News, has recently enjoyed a couple of conversations with Professor Emeritus Frederik Dikkers that you can now watch on YouTube. The two talked about laryngology developments, including updates in recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) and button batteries, as well as Prof Dikkers’ long and extremely illustrious career. 

The written interview will follow in our May/June issue.

Prof Dikkers was recently short-listed for an award by VSOP, a patient umbrella organisation for rare and genetic disorders in the Netherlands. Those nominated for the Rare Angel Award have provided patients with a better-than-expected level of care. Prof Dikkers was nominated for his role in recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.  

The award, which was presented on Rare Disease Day (the last day of February), is for people who, according to the jury, have made a special contribution to one or more rare diseases. The winner was Professor Frank Staal, an expert in molecular stem cell biology at Leiden University School of Medicine.