Professor Vin Paleri, one of ENT & Audiology News’ star contributors, has featured in a recent episode of Channel 4’s Super Surgeons. The series follows pioneering treatments on cancer patients at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

In coverage both graphic and moving, Vin leads a high-stakes operation requiring 12 hours of surgery to remove a large tumour. The patient suffers from epithelioid sarcoma, a rare kind of soft tissue cancer, which has returned multiple times in his neck and he now has a tumour “the size of a small watermelon” attached to his carotid artery. The operation involved splitting open his neck and replacing one of his carotid arteries with a synthetic one.

Prof Paleri talks with great humility about his commitment to his patients, the personal impact of such high-risk surgery and the difference that funding from The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity makes to advancing treatment for cancer patients worldwide. The series is still available to view on Channel 4 (Series 2, Episode 2):

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