This podcast series is a realisation of a vision to showcase WENTS UK as a society, their values, ethos and how they aspire to pave the way for change by exploring controversial topics in conversation.

From the launch of the podcast series trailer, where WENTS UK President, Ekpemi Irune, is joined by WENTS UK Vice President, Emma Stapleton, and Medical Student Representative, Melissa Hammond Flynn, it is clear that the series is intended to stimulate dialogue revolving around diversity, inclusivity and many other current issues. 

Episode one, released on Monday 14 June 2021 is aptly named ‘Forging Ahead’ and launches the series with a bang. This episode is a must-listen with a truly enlightening conversation between host, Ekpemi Irune, and three highly respected consultant ENT surgeons who challenge the status quo and inspire their peers: Professor Janet Wilson, Professor Vinidh Paleri and Mr Guri Sandhu share their personal perceptions and experiences of diversity in the medical space.

In this full and frank conversation, all three accomplished surgeons discuss their personal experiences of discrimination. They share their own stories about how and why they have thrived in their chosen careers and give invaluable advice to listeners about career progression, including some candid truths about what it takes to succeed. They cover changes in attitudes between the different generations within the hierarchy of medicine and how our guests deal with these. The surgeons discuss how they intend to use their influence to empower women in surgery and others that feel unrepresented. They also broach the topic of life outside of and after a career in surgery, how this can be better supported in the NHS, and the challenges of retiring from a life-long career in surgery.

WENTS & Friends is available on all the major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Stitcher. WENTS UK invites everyone to subscribe and share this podcast with their teams, colleagues and friends as a steppingstone to starting these very important conversations. For any queries, please contact WENTS UK at They welcome challenges to opinions voiced on the podcast, questions, novel ideas and suggestions from their audience. 



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