Young ESPO was created in 2018, after the ESPO meeting in Stockholm, to congregate junior ENTs (ENT residents and fellows under 35 years old), who have a special interest in paediatric ENT.

The group’s goals are to:

  • Build a network for junior paediatric ENTs;
  • Help develop learning opportunities in paediatric ENT - formal and online courses;
  • Highlight ENT training opportunities.

Young ESPO welcomes all junior otolaryngologists with a special interest in paediatrics to become part of a community of training doctors, and share clinical and research knowledge on paediatric ENT!

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ESPO Young Surgeons Group 2018-2020 – who are we?

 Joana Araujo (Portugal) President 

 Hanneke Bruijnzeel (Netherlands) Vice-President 

 Katarzyna Resler (Poland)

Karin Lindstrom (Sweden) 

Francois Simon (France) 


Jason Powell (UK) 

  Aspasia Karavelia(Greece) 

  Ryan Grech (Malta)