This book is aimed at students and professionals working in the fields of otology and audiology. It would be suitable for audiologists, nurses and doctors, teachers of the deaf and speech and language therapists.

The price is set at £36.99, which is probably standard for a book of this size.

As the title states, this book is a dictionary of terms used in otology and audiology and provides a short description of each. In addition, it provides the etymology, which offers an interesting insight into the history of the words and describes the original descriptor of many of the eponymous terms that are in common usage.

As would be expected with a dictionary format, all the terms are in alphabetical order, which facilitates its use. It is useful as a quick reference guide, allowing the reader to quickly access a succinct description of, for instance, a particular anatomical structure or audiological test. For the clinician, it may prove useful in the outpatient setting or as a quick revision text. However, if a more comprehensive description is required, then the reader would have to turn to a reference textbook.

Overall, I would recommend this book to those working in audiology or speech and language therapy that require a quick reference text. However, I think the majority of otologists would require a more comprehensive text.

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Simon Carr

MD, MRCS, PGDipEd, Royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield, UK.

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