In this self-published atlas, the author has approached the external ear and middle ear pathologies on the basis of classification of diseases, emphasising the added benefits of using of an oto-endoscope in identifying the external and middle ear pathologies. The quality of images and printing is very good and all images are well documented.

Details are documented in an organised manner enabling the reader to understand brief pathophysiology of various conditions. In comparison to other similar atlases, this presents the reader with a better variety of pathology.

My criticisms of this atlas are that it only represents the common diseases of outer and middle ear, hence the name is somewhat misleading. There is also a lot of repetition of images for the same pathological condition, which adds extra volume.

In summary, this is a reasonable book for a junior trainee to review the common ear pathologies in preparation for exams, or a good book to use as a teaching aid.

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Asad Qayyum

FRCS(ORL-HNS), FRCS, AFRCS, DLO, Peterborough City Hospital; Programme Director, East of England Deanery, UK.

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