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This is Dr James Jerger’s - one of the greatest - legacy of the vast contributions to the field of diagnostic audiology assessment throughout his career in a historical overview format. This is a concise and one-of-a-kind book, written without technicalities and in a lively narrative manner, that every audiology diagnostician should own.

An accessible and synthetised chapter arrangement allows the reader to audiologically travel through time from the 50s onwards, in Jerger’s boots, and to assimilate how thinking in the profession evolved over the years. It provides you with the thinking behind a researcher and author of his calibre through his own work from his early career years at both Northwestern University and the Houston Speech and Hearing Center, through to his years at Baylor College of Medicine and further into his research of auditory event-related potentials at the University of Texas. A must-have and an eye-opener if you want clarity on why we currently do what we do in our field and an understanding of the evolution of diagnostic audiology.

Audiology/otology students can greatly benefit from Dr Jerger’s journey and stimulate research. Current and seasoned audiologists/otologists will undoubtedly find this book an inspiration and, in many ways, an answer to the questions, ‘how did we get here today?’ and ‘why do we employ our current diagnostic tests?’.

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Raúl García-Medina

The Audiology Clinic, UK.

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