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Brian J Taylor manages to skilfully compile a plethora of information relating to all aspects of audiology practice management. The author has cleverly formulated this book into bite-sized chunks which are easy to read, understand and follow. This book is mainly aimed at audiologists wishing to enhance their business acumen and/or move onto a managerial role.

It provides clinicians, who are usually saturated with technological and physiological knowledge of audiology, with practical insights into key business operations and management of a clinic. Brian J Taylor clearly and informatively guides the reader by providing well placed keywords and phrases, ensuring the reader understands and feels comfortable with information that may have previously been alien to them.

This book naturally mentors the reader by using easy-to-understand graphs, tables, analogies and learning outcomes in each chapter.  This book is split into two main sections, firstly exploring the core principles involved in managing a practice and secondly, the practical applications involved in successful management of an audiology practice. Although it is mainly geared towards the private audiology sector, there are key skills that are fundamental to all audiology practices. Through reading this book, I enjoyed learning how to enhance and adapt existing skills I have developed working within an NHS audiology department.

This book has given me several insights to develop an understanding of the general structure of an audiology practice and all key aspects involved in daily operations of a department. It has enhanced my understanding upon all the facets of what makes an audiology practice successful, from team building, communication, knowledge and skills to business and financial structures and projections. I therefore cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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Feraz Ahmed

Kings Cross Hospital, Dundee, UK.

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