This book provides a comprehensive approach to clinical laryngology incorporating anatomical, physiological, pathological, functional and structural aspects of laryngology.

All chapters are up to date and provide useful information, especially following chapters are very well written with lot of images, ‘laryngeal trauma’, ‘evaluation and management of dysphonic patient’ and ‘benign lesions of larynx’.

The ‘Paediatric laryngology’ chapter is an excellent addition. A chapter titled ‘principles of phonosurgery’ highlights medical and surgical managements. This book provides a multidisciplinary approach to clinical laryngology. Overall this is an extremely well written book and densely illustrated with colour photographs and is exceptionally well put together and the chapters are interrelated. It is good value for money.

This book is an ideal reference book for all otolaryngologists providing better understanding of clinical laryngology. It is also a very useful addition to any ENT surgeon with an interest in laryngology.

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Jaiganesh Manickavasagam

FRCS (ORL-HNS), Ninewells Hospital & Dundee university/medical school.

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