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This book aims to serve as a must-have resource for those in higher education in audiology and cochlear implant audiologists wanting to go the extra mile in their approach to maximise clinical outcomes for their patients. Jace Wolfe is a well-renowned expert in the field of cochlear implants with extensive publications in the scientific literature. This is his second published book following the co-authoring of Programming Cochlear Implants with Erin Schafer in 2010, currently in its second edition.

Wolfe’s latest endeavour comes across as an expansion of his previous work, as the core of the previous text focusing on programming is largely included in this text too. For this reason, his latest work is a state-of-the-art compendium of cochlear implant literature and supersedes his first publication. I particularly enjoyed the section on how to define the electro-acoustic boundary depending on different frequency allocation approaches. Also of interest is the section on the increased likelihood of obtaining electrical stapedial reflex thresholds with higher probe tone frequencies.

One topic that I’d like to have read Wolfe’s take on, is the use of cochlear microphonics through intraoperative electrocochleography, now that this measurement is coming back in favour as a tool to aid surgeons in their quest to preserve residual hearing. From a non-US perspective, the chapter on candidacy and regulatory approval was informative, but would have benefited from a more in-depth summary and discussion on the criteria utilised by different countries around the world to ascertain candidacy. Hopefully new editions will also include emerging cochlear implant systems in addition to the big three as more data on outcomes becomes available in the scientific literature.

With the help of just four collaborators, Wolfe delivers a compelling and up-to-date overview of the field. This book may soon be regarded as the handbook of cochlear implant knowledge and I anticipate it will be used regularly to guide clinical practice.

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Unai Martinez de Estibariz

MSc Audiology, Audiology (Hearing and Balance) Centre & The Richard Ramsden Centre for Hearing Implants, Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK.

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