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The name Professor Ray Clarke is well known and well regarded around the paediatric ENT world. With this helpful book, Prof Clarke creates the perfect knowledge base to make paediatric ENT more accessible to those working in general ENT and ENT trainees, as well as to others who may have to deal with young patients, such as GPs and paediatricians.

This book covers a range of relevant topics within paediatric ENT, from holistic topics such as the paediatric consultation and children with special needs, to bread-and-butter themes such as hearing loss and obstructive sleep apnoea, and more specialist areas such as airway pathology. Keeping up with the times, there is even a chapter dedicated to COVID-19 and its effects in the paediatric ENT context. This increasingly relevant topic is yet to make it into many other ENT textbooks but will undoubtedly be a burgeoning area in ENT as well as other areas of medicine.

Every chapter is concisely formatted into subsections, breaking down information into easily manageable ‘chunks’. There are plenty of clinical photographs and diagrams (including helpful algorithms) which further illustrate the concepts being conveyed. The amount of detail has been judged perfectly for its target audience of those caring for paediatric ENT patients without being paediatric ENT specialists.

Truth be told, while on the paediatrics aspect of my rotation, this book caught my eye in the hospital library prior to being approached by ENT & Audiology News to review it! As an ST3 trainee, paediatric ENT can often seem daunting in the sheer range of topics and conditions it involves, let alone the skills required to conduct a successful paediatric consultation. This book helped demystify the subspeciality and has given a helpful, valuable grounding in the world of paediatric ENT.

Click here to read our special 2023 Paediatrics issue of ENT & Audiology News, guest-edited by Ray Clarke.

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