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This book covers a much-needed area in audiology to help support independent/small businesses set up their own clinics. The book covers a range of topics and talks through the rationale behind decisions vital in business. The author states that a business is exactly that, regardless of the type of business it is, and so there are many aspects that may overlap with other business setup literature.

The book is targeted at those who want to set up their own hearing care practices - however, it is US centric, and so does not address the considerations of UK healthcare. This is important to note as there are different quality assurance guidelines, referral processes etc. involved in setting up a UK practice. The guide does provide many prompts, suggestions and advice that could be useful to a UK audience, including a summarised business timeline and patient satisfaction survey. There is also information on pricing considerations and sales.

The guide can be viewed as prompts and food for thought. However, it does not provide templates such as business case, finance reports etc. and this should be kept in mind if that is what you’re looking for. Moreover, an aspect that is missing is a detailed use of social media – it refers to Facebook but not other platforms in detail.

Overall, this book provides a first-hand account of setting up and maintaining a successful practice, with a strong focus on improving the patient experience. It would be a good read whilst considering your initial steps to setting up a practice. It is encouraging and positive of the author’s experience but also reflects the difficult lessons learnt.

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Saira Hussain

Aston University, UK.

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