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This book is a well-designed colour atlas of sinus surgery which is up to date with all the modern techniques used in endoscopic sinus surgery. The multiple authors include well-established and renowned surgeons. It is divided into distinct chapters, with each chapter based on a different transnasal endoscopic approach.

Each chapter provides an anatomical overview, followed by endoscopic surgical anatomy and radiological anatomy. There is step-by-step presentation of cadaveric dissection to help the reader familiarise themselves with and understand the anatomy. The corresponding surgical anatomy is demonstrated very well, with excellent radiological views incorporating both CT and MRI scans. The combination of the cadaveric and radiological pictures allows for better understanding of the 3D anatomy of the skull base and adjacent areas. Each chapter provides a step-by-step approach for each type of transnasal endoscopic approach to allow the surgeon to plan surgical steps for a procedure.

This book is informative and up to date and fills a niche in the market for a comprehensive colour atlas for endoscopic skull base surgery. It will enhance an ENT surgeon’s knowledge and understanding of the skull base but also provide an excellent point of reference for the practising skull base surgeon. This book is certainly value for money.

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Aftab Ahmed

Doncaster Royal Infirmary, UK

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