ENT Board Prep by F Lin and Z Patel is an extremely comprehensive revision guide that covers all topics relevant to the American Board of Otolaryngology exam. UK trainees will undoubtedly also benefit with respect to the FRCS exam, given the similarity and overlap between curricula.

The authors have drawn from personal experience to make this unique book an appropriate tool for using just prior to the exam, but with enough focused detail so that readers do not need to search for additional information from other sources. It is divided into seven parts, encompassing paediatrics, rhinology, head and neck, otology, as well as other areas such as general ENT, allergy and facial plastics and reconstruction which have become increasingly popular fields in recent exams.

Each chapter is introduced with a few ‘pearls’ that set out the objectives and provide the reader with a salient message for each topic. The easy-to-read chapters are divided by topics including anatomy, epidemiology, work-up / staging and management, followed by a concise reference list for further reading. The authors have ensured that experts within each field have edited all sections, so that high quality material is maintained in each chapter, including up-to-date guidelines, grading and classification systems.

My only criticism is the book does not contain any images / clinical photographs which can also play an important role in the exam.

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Hala Kanona

The Royal National Ear Nose and Throat and Eastman Dental Hospital, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.

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