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This text focuses on preparing US trainee hearing aid dispensers for their state practical exams, and the content is tailored to addressing the key assessment criteria. However, the basic topics covered are useful for hearing aid dispensers and potentially audiology trainees globally; audiometry, tympanometry, aural impression taking and hearing aid fitting and follow up.

Each chapter provides a list of key elements to be covered for each procedure. The authors clearly state that readers are expected to have studied each topic before using the text as a way to identify gaps in their knowledge, and it works fairly well for this purpose. Each section or module has a list of questions for the reader to test their knowledge, and examples are shown throughout.

The access to online supplementary questions are particularly useful for candidates preparing for assessments. Some sections (e.g. those outlining the fitting procedure) encourage the trainee to verbalise the steps of the process to help retain this information. This may be useful for many candidates but is somewhat restricted in terms of promoting a person-centred approach to care. Nonetheless, this book will likely prove very useful for hearing aid dispensers in assessing their progress when preparing for practical assessments.

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Saima Rajasingam

PhD, School of Psychology & Sports Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Cambridge, UK.

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