Authored by audiologists, the book primarily discusses a range of hearing assistive and access technologies (both old and new), and outlines how each device works, which scenarios it is best suited to, and its limitations.

Divided into four sections, the book has a clear, methodical structure. The first outlines the fundamentals of acoustics, personal amplification technology (including hearing aids and implantable devices) and their features, and patient counselling. The second is dedicated to hearing assistive technologies, including frequency-modulated (FM), infrared, and induction loop systems. Section three covers television and telephone aids, in addition to alerting and signalling devices; and the fourth section includes case-studies to illustrate how the various technologies discussed may be applied to individual needs. This section also includes a summary of the most recent advances in assistive and access technology.

Crucially, each chapter contains clear and informative explanations supported by relevant research. A concise summary is provided at each chapter’s end, and some include additional print resources and/or supplementary audio/visual content. It is important to note that some sub-sections appear specifically aimed at US readers – namely, the chapter concerning disability legislation – however, the book is largely accessible to any specialist in the field.

While the book is suitable for healthcare professionals and individuals who regularly interact with people with a hearing loss (such as speech and language therapists or teachers of the deaf), it is - contrary to what the authors’ claim - less accessible to those with no background in this area (such as users and family members). Rather, it is most applicable for students/recent graduates in the field of audiology, particularly those who intend to work within clinical rehabilitation.

Colour images would be an improvement; however, the book proves fair value for money overall.

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Sophia Pidoux

The Royal Berkshire Hospital, UK.

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