A fantastic overview of the various aspects of laryngology including clinical assessment and diagnoses, disorders of the larynx and basic anatomy and physiology. Each chapter is divided into short sub-sections making it easy to follow and access specific topics.

Each chapter provides up-to-date knowledge written by experts in the field including detailed references. These high-quality references reassure the reader that the content is reliably evidence-based. The use of clear and colourful schematic diagrams, excellent quality clinical photographs and well laid-out text makes this book an exciting and enjoyable read.

This book also provides a unique insight into the history of laryngology, current practice, and recent advances in laryngeal surgery and research. The content is vast and comprehensive, covering every aspect of laryngology, which makes it stand out against other books available.

It is well suited to otolaryngology trainees, general otolaryngologists, allied healthcare professionals, as well as those with an interest in laryngology.

The authors of each chapter are amongst the most eminent surgeons working in laryngology both across the UK and internationally. This wealth of experience is shared throughout each chapter, and highlighted in various sections entitled ‘Clinical Pearls and Pitfalls’ where additional hints and tips help to engage the reader and consolidate the content of each chapter.

Overall, an invaluable and well worthy purchase.

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Hala Kanona

The Royal National Ear Nose and Throat and Eastman Dental Hospital, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.

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