A comprehensive and up to date textbook covering both conventional and contemporary topics in laryngology, written by authors of international repute, within 345 pages.

The 39 chapters are divided into eight sections working through basic knowledge, clinical assessment and diagnostics, therapeutics, pathology, as well as covering the history of laryngology and paediatric management. The final chapters cover management of the professional voice user and discuss the latest advancements in laryngology including transplantation, imaging, lasers and robotics.

The chapters complement each other well with the basic science chapters covering the anatomy and physiology needed to fully appreciated subsequent chapters. The diagnostics chapters are a good proportion of this book and provide a practical guide for trainees, an area which is traditionally not emphasised in textbooks of this calibre. These chapters provide a step by step guide on assessment of the laryngeal function and disorders encountered with useful tables, a plethora of high quality images and ‘clinical pearls’ to guide the less experienced trainees through. Useful topics covered include stroboscopy, laryngeal photography and documentation, office based procedures and vocal fold medialisation.

Every chapter can be read in isolation and help the reader work through the basic concepts, whilst simultaneously fulfilling the objectives set out by the chapter. This is done with a good proportion of well-worded, concise prose complimented by high resolution photographs.

This book covers all the aspects of laryngology that an otolaryngology trainee could desire up to the exam level and beyond, to early sub-speciality interest. A must-have book that will be referred to time and time again throughout training, providing multi-layered knowledge and practical guidance every time it is revisited.

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