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This text is a comprehensive guide to the management of malignancies of the nasal vestibule. The book starts off with a review of the anatomy, patho-physiology and patterns of disease spread for nasal vestibule carcinomas. Of course, no book on cancer would be complete without a chapter on the staging of this specific cancer site.

Interestingly, due to the complexities of this part of the body, the authors propose an alternative classification as this group of diseases is more than simple cutaneous neoplasms. Contemporary management options for vestibule cancers are covered in detail, from non-surgical radiotherapy and brachytherapy through surgical ablation and the whole gamut of the reconstructive ladder.

The book is filled with high-quality clinical photographs and surgical drawings, which are a clear companion to the comprehensive and well-researched text. For what many would imagine as a niche area of ENT, there is a significant amount to think about and consider in management of this group of cancers. This is an excellent text and provides significant food for thought. It is a high-quality guide for those who will encounter cancer in this area as a part of their clinical practice and for what should be considered in evaluating patients. It is good value for money considering the quality of the images and diagrams, as well as the thorough coverage of the subject matter.

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Nazia Munir

FRCS(ORL-HNS), Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust, UK.

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