‘Objective Measures in Cochlear Implants’ is likely to appeal to audiologists working with cochlear implant recipients. However, the author has also included two introductory chapters covering the basics of a cochlear implant and signal delivery for those with less experience.

Rapid developments in technology in the field of cochlear implants and the passage of time since the book’s publication in 2013 mean that the latest models are not included in the list of past and present devices, but the reader is provided with sufficient information on technological requirements to establish which devices have the required capabilities for each of the tests outlined in the following sections.

The second section of the book covers non-physiological objective measurements, namely electrical field potentials, averaged electrode voltages and a key chapter on electrode impedance measures. A good understanding of electrode impedance measures is fundamental for all cochlear implant audiologists and this chapter, like the rest of the book, is clearly illustrated with clinical examples of common issues, such as short circuits, open circuits and changes in impedance over time.

The third section of the book covers physiological measures from different levels of the auditory system. This is perhaps particularly relevant with cochlear implant candidacy guidelines including younger babies and those with complex needs, for whom objective measures, such as the ECAP, can be vital in guiding initial programming.

Each chapter has been kept relatively short and easily digestible, making it a quick reference for a busy clinician, but content has not been compromised and references are provided for those wishing to look further into the research that the author has synthesised on the reader’s behalf. A particular strength of the book is the clear diagrams that are included throughout. The price of this book compares favourably with other specialist books in the field and may be considered a worthwhile investment.

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Annie Woolley

Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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