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Otologic and Lateral Skull Base Trauma is a unique textbook that offers the reader a detailed yet efficient overview of all manner of complications following lateral skull base trauma. Whilst the content focuses primarily on neurotological injury, pertinently, it also includes neurovascular injury and facial plastic reconstruction, thereby appealing to an MDT audience as well as just ENT surgeons.

Contributors of the book are from amongst the most experienced and highly respected surgeons and physicians in their field, the majority of whom work at the illustrious Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital in Boston.

One of the key benefits of reading this book is the ability to easily navigate through the pages, afforded by the uncluttered and logical layout. Each chapter is laced with high quality, up-to-date references, which gives the reader confidence in the reliability of the text. This is further enhanced with the sharing of hospital protocols, which also validates the evidence presented.

While the images are of good quality, it is unfortunate that there is an absence in some chapters, risking a slightly ‘dry read’, though luckily, this is compensated by the high-quality content throughout the majority of the book.

Priced at around £70, I think the textbook qualifies as a worthy purchase by adding and enhancing a multitude of knowledge across the field of neurotology.  

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Hala Kanona

The Royal National Ear Nose and Throat and Eastman Dental Hospital, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.

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